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Specialty Mosaics

The timeless beauty of Italian glass mosaics is the perfect medium for statement features.
Glass mosaic artwork is a specialty of ours, in which we take great pride. Indoor or outdoor, a beautiful, artistic statement feature brings elegance to any area.

We have two award-winning, internationally trained Master Mosaic Fixers on our team. Our principal, Don Macdonald, is well known for his specialised skill. After receiving extensive training in Italy, Don’s passion for creating bespoke mosaic features led him to be involved in many exciting projects.

If you’re looking for something unique and memorable to elevate your space, we have the expertise and solutions to create exactly what you want.

Browse through the images below, or click through to our main Gallery for inspiration.

Creating your Feature

These features are adaptable to all your living areas. A feature wall in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or outdoor area adds elegance and colour to the space. Even your fully tiled pool can be customised to include a unique pattern.

You can choose from a catalogue of outstanding imagery, or we can design an original mosaic artwork to suit your taste. We have access to a range of talented artists who can create a design that translates beautifully into the mosaic medium.

As with our renovations, we manage the whole project for you. We’ll come to you to discuss concepts, and provide expert insight on creating an amazing feature that really shines in your space.

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