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Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations

We can help you create the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. The quality of your bathroom or kitchen can have a major impact on your enjoyment of your home. The difference between a poorly designed and constructed bathroom, and one that functions smoothly and looks spectacular, can be tremendous.

The most important aspect of these areas is functionality. If not planned well, the most elegant and stylish bathroom or kitchen may be difficult to use on a day-to-day basis. Our specialty is creating a beautiful, bespoke renovation that accommodates everything you need, conveniently at hand. The talent lies in a functional space that is also aesthetically beautiful, so you feel uplifted every time you walk in.

Excellence & Quality Assurance

Every renovation project requires the skill and expertise of a qualified team. Our principal, Don Macdonald, is a licensed builder with over thirty years’ experience renovating bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. We’re the recipient of several Master Builders Awards for excellence, and are leaders in our industry. We’ve selected a team of reliable, specialist, licensed tradesmen to collaborate on all our projects.

Each project is tailor-made to your needs. Our team truly enjoys working with our clients to develop a renovation plan that works uniquely for you. We take great pride in delivering a high quality result, that’s both functional and beautiful.

Browse through our images below for inspiration, and click through to our Gallery to see more.

How Your Project Would Flow

1. Initial Briefing

Here’s where we establish your needs: the kind of design you want, with an approximate budget. We’ll offer many different design inspirations and construction solutions to achieve what you’re looking for.

2. Written Quotation:

We then provide a detailed written quotation. You will be able to see exactly what you can change to accommodate your design and your budget. We include all aspects of a full-service renovation: demolition, preparation, tiling, waterproofing, fixtures and fittings, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, plastering, painting and any other ancillary trade services required for your specific renovation. All tradesmen are licensed professionals.

3. QMBA Contract

Once the quote is approved, a Queensland Master Builders Association) contract is drawn up, and we confirm your requirements. We set a start date in a pre-construction meeting. At this stage, a deposit is required to secure the project.

4. Selection “Caravan”

We guide you through the process of selecting your tiles, fixtures and fittings, taking you physically to each store so you can choose with ease.

5. Construction Schedule

Finally, we prepare a construction schedule, outlining the dates and times of the various stages of your project, so you will always know what is about to happen at any moment as the job progresses.

6. Commencement

At the start of the renovation, we install our unique dust control system that isolates the area in which we’re working. This contains most of the dust from demolition so the rest of your home remains virtually dust-free.

7. Communication

Ongoing communication is essential to the success of any project. We continue to keep you informed of progress, right through to completion.

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